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English Weekend!

October 13, 2009


Last weekend we were asked to help some of our team mates put on an English weekend.  A Catholic school asked our team to lead an English weekend and of course we said yes! Around 30 students came to the coast to speak English, hang out together and to talk about God. We had a WONDERFUL time! Brad and I taught an English class together and we had a great time. We love to teach together and Landon did a great job of letting us teach while he played!  We loved the weekend and the coast was beautiful too!  Our friend David did a great job leading the retreat and doing the “talks”. He touched on some really key things and we are praying that the youth will continue to think about these things!  I forgot to bring my camera so a friend of ours gave us his pictures. Enjoy! 🙂  An additional note from Brad:  Check out more pictures and great videos at our friends blog:






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Wow – you guys look GREAT! Brad, you’re doing a super job of staying trim… We’re so happy you’re in your apt. & also got to minister to sudents last weekend. Love & miss you! Linda H.


October 13, 2009

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