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Hanging on!

October 3, 2009


I looked at this picture of Landon yesterday and thought “I feel this way, just hanging on.” Not “hanging on for dear life” or anything as dramatic as that. Just “hanging on”.  Just “hanging on” until we can move into our apartment, which by the way Brad is working on building our kitchen for our new apartment as I type this!  The apartment is supposed to be finished today, then we move everything in it tomorrow. Hopefully, we will spend our first night in our new apartment tomorrow if all goes as planned!! We’ll see!! Anyway…back to my thought on “hanging on”.  Just “hanging on” in language school.  I don’t feel this so much right now but know that next week or the week after as we dive into grammar I will definitely feel this way.  I am so thankful that I have THE VINE to hang on to.  I am so thankful that Jesus calls us daily to abide in Him and He is so stable and so firm. I am thankful for Him and that we can cling to Him and “hang on” to HIM!


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Oma says:Thanks so much for that reminder of the reality we have! I’ve been pushing through/hanging on this week with a fever. Got to the doctor yesterday and doing better, still kind of weak. Saw GOD’s Help and Strength every day. We’ll pray you move soon. Dorothy Dowty has been praying for you as well. LOVE,us


October 3, 2009

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