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French Fry Soup!

September 26, 2009


My cooking adventures have begun. Before moving to Slovenia I was pretty worried about cooking in a different country.  While we have been living with our friends Hondo and Trisha, Trish and I have been cooking together.  It has been really fun and quite the adventure figuring out where to buy stuff and what ingredients we can even get here. Last week we decided to cook this yummy super easy potato soup recipe.  It is a crock pot recipe, the ingredients are frozen hash browns, cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, onion, salt, pepper and cream cheese.   Cook it for a while, blend it up and you have a wonderful thick and creamy soup! The problem was, we couldn’t find cream of chicken soup or frozen hash browns! So…we found dried creamy soup and mixed it with cream and for the hash browns we found….FROZEN FRENCH FRIES! We did not think it was going to turn out and upon tasting the finished results I have decided the soup tasted so good (maybe even better than the original recipe :).)  It has been quite the adventure cooking but I am thankful I can be adventurous with my friend Trish!


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Oh man, this makes me so happy. I’ve been wondering about you and thinking about you. Wondering about the transitions–all the millions of huge and teeny transitions, the expected and the unexpected. Praying for you today and happy that you and Trish are friends. And a little teary to not be there with you, too.


September 26, 2009

What is the reci? That sounds pretty good. Or where did you find it?


September 28, 2009

Tonight I looked at my bare cupboard and thought, “is there such a thing as french fry….soup?” After a google search, your blog happened to be one of the options that came up. What a small world! My husband and I are part of a church planting team in Koper. 🙂 So, it was a fun moment to to be connected with another family in Slovenia. And thanks for the recipe idea… it turned out great!


December 8, 2013

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