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September 13, 2009

“If you end up in Slovenia, and I (Brad) end up in Slovenia, I’ll climb Triglav with you.”  That’s the conversation I had with Hondo a couple years ago before we knew God would officially lead us here.  So, I desired to stay true to my commitment and I also wanted to take on this perilous adventure with my friend (who climbs mountains for fun, all the time).  Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia, and by far the highest mountain I’ve ever climbed.  So Friday night we took to the trail around 4 pm, hiked until 10pm and then stayed in a cozy hotel near the top of the mountain.  It was a bit sketchy trying to find the trail in the dark and rain, but Hondo’s a pro.  The next day we took off to the summit and then back down.  Needless to say I’m now a bit sore, but it was well worth the adventure.  It sure does take a lot of work to get this body up 9,400 feet! (I lost 12 pounds during in the 24 hours we hiked). Thanks Lord for keeping my feet secure and for giving me the strength to finish!  Here’s a few pictures we took.  I’m sure it would have been much prettier if the clouds weren’t present. The first picture is us at the top.

The Summit






The point in the back is the top of Triglav.


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Great pics Brad!


September 13, 2009

Glad you survived 😉 Congratulations!


September 13, 2009

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