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Farmer’s Market!

September 12, 2009


Brad is climbing Mount Triglav with our friend Hondo today and Landon and I are hanging out with Hondo’s wife Trish and their son Caleb.   We decided to explore a little more of the capital city, Ljubljana so off we went to the downtown area. After a very scary parking experience that involved cars trying to get in and out of one little area in all directions, lots of glares and honking of horns, we made it! On Saturdays there is a farmers market in the center and that is where we wanted to be.  Trish spoke great Slovene and I tried to repeat what she said :)!  We had a great time hanging out with our kids and getting to know Ljubljana and Slovene culture.  A sweet lady gave Landon a carrot and he actually chewed on a bunch of it (he doesn’t usually eat carrots) but then ended up spitting some of it out!  There were all sort of things at the market that we had never seen before like these beautiful purple beans. They reminded me of Jack and the bean stalk, maybe these beans are “magic beans”! 🙂





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the farmer’s market looks like great fun! I have to say, your pictures make it that way – the colors are amazing and the subjects are well-chosen. Beautiful!


September 12, 2009

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