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Like Father Like Son

September 10, 2009


A few months ago Brad started running again. He has lost a chunk of weight and we are all cheering him on in the Jenkins household. Since this has started Landon is very interested in exercising!  He loves doing sit ups and push ups with Dad! When Brad comes home running he is so sweaty and Landon asks him every time “You are all wet?” Landon likes to run too. He likes to put on Brad’s head phones and clip the little ipod to his pocket and run around the house or yard. He gets so excited if he is sweaty at all! “I’m all wet!” he says.  The other day we walked up a steep hill to look out over Maribor and a man biked up the hill. He was very tired and sweaty and Landon said really loud to him “You are all wet?”!  That was a little embarrassing, we had to have a conversation about not tell random people that they are wet!   This weekend Brad will be climbing the highest mountain in loves Slovenia with a group from a church in Ljubljana.  We’ll post more about that soon!


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