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Exploring Maribor Part 2

September 6, 2009



We are back in Maribor. We drove up last night and will be here for a few days and then back down to Ljubljana. Because we have not moved into our apartment yet we have been bouncing back and forth between the 2 cities for various reasons. Since we have moved to Slovenia (3 weeks ago) Sundays have been wonderful days!  We have gone to church in the morning and then spent time together as a family the rest of the day (that is part of the culture here). We have used the day for exploring. It has been so fun to see new sights and to get to know our future home and to learn more about the culture.  Today we walked up Piramida. It is a pyramid shaped hill with vineyards all around it and this cool little white building on top. We enjoyed the little hike, the family time and especially the view from the top.  We sure do feel passionate for this city and we love exploring it together as a family!




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Again. Wow Pictures! … and its encouraging to have you here.


September 7, 2009



September 7, 2009

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