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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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Our New Home!!

September 3, 2009


Well…last night we visited our future home in Ljubljana while we study language! It is located on a hill that overlooks the city.  It is still under major construction but we are still praying that it will be finished soon!  Hopefully, we can move in before our language school starts on the 28th of September.  Here is a picture of the place. Our good friends and teammates David and Katka own this house. They will live on the top floor with the beautiful view (pictured above) and we will live on the bottom floor. We are very thankful for this opportunity to live near good friends our first year here.  The first time we visited the house it was dark and we were poking around with our cell phones lit up, Landon kept saying “let’s go”. I think he was a little bit worried about our new home. This last time he was running and jumping and talking about it and was very excited!



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Laurel, your response was much the same the first time you went into the house on Overlook Lane. It is wonderful to see the progress of the ” Jenkins ” ministry via your pictorial journal.


September 3, 2009

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