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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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Quick update…

August 26, 2009

We have been in SLO for a week and a half now. We are doing well, just really busy. Brad has been working with Andrej everyday remodeling their house. God recently gave them a house and they are working on getting it ready for them to move in. Landon and I have been with Nina helping her prepare the house they have been temporarily living in for their move. We also have been very busy! God has been so good at sustaining us and giving us what we need for each day. Landon has been acting up quite a bit lately. It’s like he is saying “enough with the moving, I am ready to have a home!” We feel the same way too. Hopefully next week, we will start moving into our apartment in Ljubljana. Tomorrow Brad is going to an amusement park in Italy with a group of students from Maribor and another city close to us. We’ll tell you more about that adventure in the next post! Also, Landon has been playing with Nina and Andrej’s daughter Eva. She is 15 months and is so much fun! Today we filled up this little raft with water and let them play in, they had such a great time.




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Hi Brad & Laurel – You will be sleeping while your/our group meets tonight, but we will enjoy sharing your blog with everyone! Love the dialog & pictures! Keeping your friend in our prayers as well as all of you. Dave & Linda


August 27, 2009

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