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July 20, 2009

We thought it would be interesting to share a few stats from our coast to coast to coast trip.  It really was a great experience to meet with so many of you and to see the country.  God provided for us in so many amazing ways.  Here are a few of the totals from our trip:

* We drove a total of 18,815 miles.  Not to excited about the carbon footprint on this one, but we were obeying the Lord!

* We used approx 750 gallons of gas

* We spent approx $1900 on gas

* We slept in 39 different beds.  Landon slept in just one…his amazing portable bed/tent.  If you don’t know about this tent, you should!

* We drove through 31 different states

* We spent approx 320 hours in the car

* We received zero speeding tickets

* I (Brad) wore flip flops the entire trip back, except for one day

We’ve got one more hilarious post coming about info we gathered as we drove across the country.  Stay tuned…



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