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Landon and Elmo and Us

June 30, 2009

Almost every day since we’ve been here (almost a week and a half!) Laurel and I have remarked how tired we are.  I guess our bodies are catching up on some much needed down time and rest. It’s been great spending quality time with my family and allowing Landon to play with his cousins. I don’t want to brag :), but I’ve been dominate on the croquet court, something new around here.  Usually our dad whips our tails in this game, but times are a changing! I guess I should brag while I can eh?  Now with some rest under our belt it’s time to hit the long list of things to do, especially trying to get our visa secured.  We’d love your prayers for this as it’s been slower and tricker than we had hoped.

Here’s a funny video of Landon and his buddy Elmo. I thought you might enjoy it.


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Landon is too cute! : )


June 30, 2009

Not only is he cute, but he’s a very good dancer!


July 4, 2009

looks like he takes after his mom for these two qualities.


July 12, 2009

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