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June 22, 2009

Please take a deep breath with me….our coast to coast to coast trek is finally complete. We loved our journey, but as you know, traveling is exhausting.  From Tennessee we rented a car and drove to my parents house in Northern, and beautiful, Virginia.  Just on my way here to library (no internet at my parents house) I was marveling over the red barn with the blue ridge mountains in the background and the puffy clouds in the sky.  I was able to spend fathers day with my dad, the first time in 6 years!  This morning we drove to my grandmother’s 100 acre farm and were able to see a cousin of mine and her growing family, along with my brother and his family.  All but 4 of the great grandkids were together…a rarity!  They had fun catching butterflies, frogs and running around the farm.


My dad, with all his grandkids


Enjoying Father’s Day together


Missing the butterfly


8 out of 12 great grandchildren


“The Farm”


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Wonderful pictures posted on 22 June with the exception of the Auburn campus……..ROLL TIDE ROLL…..


June 22, 2009

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