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May 13, 2009


A few days ago Landon and I planted beans in clear plastic cups so we can see the roots as the plants grow. And…just a few days later they are growing! We did this last year and now again this year and it is fun to watch my son and see how he has grown in the last year. Last year he wasn’t quite sure what we were doing or what was going on; this year he is very excited and seems to catch on a bit! It was really fun when all we saw was dirt, dirt, dirt and then finally the seed sprouted! Landon sure has sprouted as well. He is talking so much, running, singing, dancing, riding a tricycle and so much  more! For Mother’s Day Landon and Brad gave me a necklace with a picture of Landon’s hand holding a tiny purple flower (he was 7 months old when the picture was taken). The necklace came in the mail today and what a joy it is to have something that reminds me of how sweet new life is…honestly, all around me I see life growing- from the beans, students we have loved through the years, to my son…so much growth and so much life to celebrate! 



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