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My dear friend Aimee

May 4, 2009

dsc_0087Tania, me, Mindy and Aimee at her goodbye party.

In our first year of marriage Brad was a youth intern at our home church.  During that year I met with a dear High School girl named Aimee. I loved meeting with her, praying with her, reading together and learning about God together. It was such a good year. Through the years we have kept in touch. While we have been in California these last few months we started meeting together again. The same time that God has been calling us to Slovenia He has been calling Aimee to Cambodia. It has been such a blessing and privilege to (5 years later) be praying, reading, laughing and learning about God together again! Yesterday, she got on a plane and flew to Cambodia. We will be praying for you Aimee and love you dearly!

dsc_0096Brad and Landon at Aimee’s goodbye party flying a kite!


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You are so sweet Laurel. I miss you already! And am so blessed that God put in Sac at the same time. Beautiful picture flying the kite. 🙂


May 6, 2009

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