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Easter Weekend

April 13, 2009


This weekend was a little bit crazy! It started out slow and then got faster and faster. On friday we went to our church’s Good Friday service. It was just wonderful! It was so good to have, in the front of our minds, why we are celebrating Easter.  On Saturday we went to our church again, for the big Children’s Celebration. Landon (really Brad) guessed correctly on how many little chocolate eggs were in this big easter egg. So Landon and I (Laurel) had to go on stage and receive an Easter basket because Daddy guessed correctly! So that was fun, then we had an Easter Egg Hunt. By the time we got outside to where it was happening for Landon’s age group all the eggs were gone!! But some friends of ours were nice enough to share eggs with us so we threw some on the ground really quick and had Landon find them! It was a little crazy but very fun.

Then on Sunday we went to church, went to our friends house had a very yummy lunch and then did another Easter egg hunt and played in the back yard. Afterwards we went to Brad’s Aunts house and had dinner with them and had ANOTHER Easter egg hunt! By the end of the day Landon had eaten more candy then he’s had in his whole life! (even though I did try to monitor his sugar intake!)

So, today we were talking to him about yesterday and how Jesus is the real reason we celebrate Easter. When we would say that, Landon said “no, eggs”. I guess when he hunted eggs 3x in 2 days that left a lasting impression!  We’re going to keep talking with him and next year I think he’ll understand a little bit better :)! 

dsc_0011This is Landon and his good friend Aubrey “peeking” while Aubrey’s Aunt hid the eggs!


dsc_0022Landon is holding a “rocket balloon”. We blew them up and then let them go and they “flew” all over the back yard! It was really fun!


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