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15 Years- Josiah Venture

March 19, 2009


I thought it would be good to pass on some information I read in Josiah Venture’s year end report.  It’s great to see God’s movement among the youth of Eastern Europe and to think about all the stories behind the numbers listed below:

“October 2008 marked the 15 year anniversary of Josiah Venture’s work in Eastern Europe.  In preparation for this milestone, the leadership team of JV spent nine months in long-range planning and evaluation.  Our hearts were filled with gratefulness as we saw the fruit of faithful investment in the Next Generation.  In these last 15 years…

  • JV staff have led 544 week long camps with 32,000 people in attendance.
  • Over 17,000 of these were non believers, and 10% of them put their trust in Christ and became involved in a local church.
  • Over 10,000 leaders have been trained for the local church.
  • On ongoing “School of Leaders” has equipped 900 young leaders in the ministry priorities of Christ.
  • The JV team has grown from 6 to 188 staff, over half of whom are nationals.
  • The work has expanded from two countries to eleven.
  • Three permanent training centers have been established in Czech, Poland and Slovakia.
  • Many lives have been transformed by the power of Christ!

We rejoice as we see living examples of JV’s vision: A movement of God among the youth of Eastern Europe that finds it’s home i the local church and transforms society.”


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