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A Book I Would Recommend to Anyone

February 21, 2009

Laurel’s parents got Landon a Bible for Christmas…a true winner.  I admit that I haven’t read many children’s Bibles, but this is the best one I’ve laid eyes on.  It’s called the Jesus Storybook Bible and it ties in all Old Testament stories to Jesus.  So each night we curl up on our bed as a family and we are all ministered to by Jesus through this book.  In our opinion it’s a must for all young kids, but it’s pretty darn good for the adults too.   If you have a good book recommendation, I’m all ears.



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We LOVE this also, and yes, we agree that it is as good for adults as it is for kids! Another good one (though it’s geared at even younger kids, but same truth applies for adults) is The Big Picture Storybook Bible. Everything points to Jesus and it is very simple yet deep and theologically sound. Enjoy those snuggly nighttime readings!

Jaime Wallace

March 8, 2009

thanks for the heads up on the book! I think we’ll check it out. hey, we LOVE the new name of the church!


March 8, 2009

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